Beetle Juice”blog 5″

Beatle Juice (1988) In 1988 Tim Burton created the movie Beetle Juice. This movie takes place in a home over seeking town of Winter River, Connecticut.  The house is then haunted by the couple named Adam and Barbara Maitland after crashing into a bridge and falling over the ledge.  Now a new family named the Deetz move in. The deceased family is then furious at the fact that their dream home is begin taken over by people from New York City. They then call a bio-exorcist named “Betelgeuse” or Beetle Juice.  From then on beetle juice and the Maitland use different forms to try to get the Deetz family to leave. What happen then are the Deetz family calls over a friend to do an exorcism. In the end they stop the exorcist  and the ghost and the Deetz realize they can get along and end up staying in the same house together while Beetle Juice is sent back from which he came from.

 To me each character of the movie is a neighbor in a neighborhood. You have the evil neighbor who does things to piss off the other people, your neighbors who are in love with art, and neighbors who take pride in their house. Beetle Juice is the evil neighbor. He is the one who starts the conflict with anything and everything. He is the one who calls the cops when the music is too loud at the party across the street.   

Adam and Barbara Maitland are the neighbors who take pride in what they have. They are the ones you see every morning watering their lawn or cleaning their house.  The family always loves towards each other and works everything out together. No matter what happens they will always stay together. Success is big towards them since everything they do is made from their bare hands.

Deetz Family is the rich people in your neighborhood. These are the people who spend money like is nothing on worthless items just for fun. These people collect art and build new things everyday towards their house. No matter how much money it takes they will spend it to make them happy. This is also the family where one of the individuals doesn’t agree on what they are doing. They are the old child. In the Deetz family it is Lydia. She was more concern about her family wanting to be more aware of her instead of their money.

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Edward Scissorhands “blog 4”

 On December 14, 1990, Tim Burton, released the movie Edward Scissor Hands. This movie portrays an outsider “Edward Scissor Hands” who cannot touch what he desires without destroying it into pieces. He falls in love with Kim “the daughter of Peg” and causes conflicted with her boyfriend “Jim” and the towns people when he goes insane destroying all the fabulous art creations he made. What happens is the town’s people use him as a gardener, ice sculptor, and a hairstylist because of his willing of wanting to be accepted in their town.  He begins to fall in love with Kim and tries to make her fall for him. The famous scene of Edward Ice sculpting the image of Kim is where the conflicted happens. Edwards accidently cuts Kim and Jim see’s and with force caused Edward to leave in Rage and cause him to destroy everything he created for people. Edward did this because why should the townspeople get the desire of beauty when he cannot get what he desires. He goes back to his inventor’s mansion to hide in shame.  Kim ends up chasing him because she loves him and the townspeople chase him because they want him to pay for the damages. Jim ends up following him and battles Edward and Edward ends up stabbing him killing him. Kim loves Edward so bad she covers up for it and walks out with one of Edwards fake hands and shows the townspeople she killed him.

Each Character has its own symbol in life. We have Edward Scissor hands, Kim, and the Townspeople. Edward’s Scissor hands Shown below symbolize ourselves and our desire to want something that we can’t have. Think about a time were you couldn’t have something that you wanted it so bad you would do anything for but it’s impossible to have. As a child I wanted to fly like superman.  Yes, a dumb but imagine the possibilities that are capable of doing if I was about to fly. Edward himself is us trying to be accepted be people and want to become more than what people think we are. His pain of not being able to love someone threw physical things like holding hands can compare too many of us who can’t talk to the ones we dream of. Kim “shown below” herself is the one we desire to have. To me she is my super power that I can’t touch. She symbolizes everyone’s wants and needs. The Towns people are the things that stop us. They are the ones who stab you in the back and doubt you of your dreams and goals.  

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Alice in Wonderland (blog 3)

 In 2010, Tim Burton, remade the art of the cartoon Alice in Wonderland created byCharles Lutwidge Dodgson and recreate it into our century. The mind ofCharles Lutwidge Dodgson was insane thought and figures he saw while he was on LDS. The Art form from this was amazing and creative. The setting in the movie was a little kid’s fantasies for seesaw horses flying and flowers, animals, and monsters being able to talk. The Main character is Alice, The Hatter, The Red Queen and the White Queen.

The Main character Alice is more of the British race.  Shown in the upper left hand region is her in a  dress she wears. She is mostly seen in a light blue dress. She is the main character of the story. She is compared to being as the body of us and the queens are our good side and bad side.In looking at the Hatter seen in the upper right hand side, you see a multiple color and a pale face. He has orange hair and wears a quilt. I feel that the hatter is Scottish because of his appearance. If you look closely at his face you see the different colors around his eyes and his greens eyes. He is named the Hatter because he is the white queen’s joke and the red queens Hat maker to hide her humongous head of hers.  He is the helper of the good. Your wing man, someone you can always count on.

The red Queen seen in the lower left hand side, is the villain in the movie. Looking at her she is very abnormal. Her head is obese for an average humans head. She has red Hair to symbolize fire and rage. Her dress is very Old England style. you can compare her to the dark side of your mind. She is the one who doubts you and says you are not going to succeed.The White Queen, seen in the lower right hand region, Is the Holy one in the movie. Her dress is of our century dress. More like a prom dress and very bright. The white symbolizes safety and happy thoughts.  She is your good side. She believes in nonviolence and in helping people. She thinks everything is possible but it comes with a price of having to work for it.

                The story is about not letting someone take your childhood dreams away from you. Many people change their person appearance and their way of thinking so that they could fit in with people in society. It more about fighting yourself and not allowing anyone control you. I see it as Alice being force to marry so that she can have a successful life without doing anything. They wanted her to stop thinking mad and come to her senses and think about her future. Well throughout the movie she did. She follows her father’s footsteps and didn’t let anyone say something’s impossible. Nothing is impossible all you have to do is believe in it and work for it in order to succeed.

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Mars Attack Blog #2

In 1996, Tim Burton created a movie called Mars Attack. Tim Burton grew up loving 50’s and 60’s science fiction movies and from that he created Mars Attack. Mars Attack is about earth being invaded by Martians from Mars. Tim Burton’s creative, spooky sense of humor made loves the Martian everyone l today. His genius mind created his personal view of an alien. They invade by foot and ship in Washington D.C Kansas, and Las Vegas all the people are running from there blasting rays in fear. I see it as the people working together to help each other out by bringing something to the table.

To me the alien is a human being without skin or hair on the head. They wear Suits like we do if we went to another planet and are armed with a ray gun that can terminate anything in sight. The color shows a green suited up Martian in Washington D.C at the needle point. His gun looks like a resemblance of a water gun. His facial appearance shows his eyes popping out with his brains exposed to the human eyes In the movie its humor is experimenting on the humans in the movie. It shows a woman getting her head cut off and a dogs head was attached to her torso and she was placed on a dog’s body and became their pet. To the Martians it was hilarious and throughout the movie the Martians language sounds like gibberish and weird. There language reminds me of a native village language that relies on the land.  Tim Created in what he thinks an alien would be portrayed.

   Shown above is the Body of a woman with the head of a dog. It’s funny at the sight of this image but that’s how they torture. You see the Martians all around the body attaching the head of the dog and you see the dog barking. You look closely the Martians are very thin and bony arms and legs. In my eyes if these were humans being I would think they had some kind of disease that causes your bones not to grow. If you see the Martians have some knowledge of how we operate. Our doctors and nurses wear clothing and face protection when we operate on another human being. I see the Martians as a higher evolution of a human being. Yeah they don’t have much skin and there brain is exposed but, there technology is way more advance then ours.

Throughout the movie you see how human being work together to help defeat the Martians. In every city shown like Washington D.C, Kansas, and Las Vegas Martians invaded destroying everything in their path. People who have some kind of argument or have no knowledge of the other person help work together to save each others life. In the end a sound destroys the Martians and the people of the world wins. They help search for friends and family and help people who are trapped under houses or trees.

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Horror and Art in Nightmare Before Christmas

In the year 1993 Tim Burton released a movie called “Nightmare before Christmas”.  His bizarre dark, horror idea created a world of characters that everyone considers astounding. Combining Christmas and Halloween was a genius idea. The movie was an excellent and Imaginative towards the audience. The setting of Halloween Land brought gore and evil that I think is Tim Burtons Fantasy place. Many of his characters like Jack Skellington, Sally, and Oogie Boogie are very dark and disturbing towards young children, yet this film is a kid movie. His idea of brining romance and adventure together in the view of a psycho’s mind was perfect.

In looking at his characters you see a complete difference from what other holiday specials characters are seen as. Many of Holiday characters they have a jolly, exciting vibe towards the appearance. There outfits are mainly wearing the holidays outfits such as elf’s for Christmas and Pilgrims for Thanksgiving.  Shown in the on top is what many people see as adoring lovable characters such as the famous “Mickey Mouse” and “Goofy” in a Christmas theme. You see the bright colors and very joyful feeling you get out of it. What makes Tim Burton’s characters of Christmas different is the way he uses a gothic dark vibe. He doesn’t use much color in his characters. He mainly uses Black and White to portray a dark theme.


Shown in the on top is the famous character Jack Skulleton. You see his appearance is more of an emo gothic look with his flashy black white stripes. This character is the Mickey Mouse of this film. He is very loving and caring character in the eyes of many.

 On top you see the evil Oogie Boogie.  In real life Tim Burton felt that Oogie Boogie portrayed a young kids thought of the Boogie Monster. Right away you can see the evil facial expression given and the colors of using very dark gothic look made it different from other Holiday characters.

            The Settings of the movie is also very gory. As shown in the picture below you will see  a piece of Halloween land. You see in the middle of the picture is a creature with  a cart  that is playing music. You see  a witch and  vampires in the image. Throughout the moive they are many more horrifying characters. The sky in the background is very dark and spooky.  You see the building made out of old bricks and in images of faces and crooked house. The whole image has a creepy vibe yet people love it.  

            I think if we were to relate to this movie in present time is the fact that many of us do a routine thing every day and wanting something new. People today like to try new things whether its skydiving, scuba diving, or trying new dishes they have never seen before.  The movie also portrays a romantic side to it. You have Jack Skellington “the main Character” doing everything he can to save Sally from the evil Oogie Boogie. It shows how people would do anything to safe the ones they truly care about. I see Jack Skellington as the Heroes of our nation such as police officers, Fire Fighters, and Our Troops. They do whatever it takes to save the lives of citizens.

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