Tim Burton Unknown Painting (blog 12)


Painting: Unknown

            In this painting there is the depiction of land and sea uniting after being separated.  On top of each monsters head is a city that was once separated and now are reunited.  The land monster has a more masculine feel and the water monster is more feminine. 

            For this reason you can see a more grounded and stationary male. When you look at females they are more free, and willing to be flexible.  The female is shaped like a drop of water where as the land monster is like a little caterpillar.  Also the land monster is very hairy and fluffy, like a little teddy bear you could cuddle with.  And the water monster has slippery scales like a snake or fish, allowing her to get out of sticky situations.

            In the painting around the two monsters is a ring of clouds that does not hide the setting sun. They allow their to be a beam of light surrounding their love before they have to say goodbye and part.


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