Tim Burton unknown painting (blog 11)

Painting: Unknown

In the painting you can see a dog grave for all the loving owners to bury their pets in properly. There’s a man at the top of a hill holding a shovel in the middle of the painting. There are many different symbols of love for these pets, like the dog bowls, fire hydrants, and bones left behind for them as symbols.  Burton uses very quick strokes of the pencil to show how life is short. 

            The shading in the painting shows how life is always changing no matter what happens.  There is always the possibility of change and a sunrise on the horizon. In the background behind the top hill you can see the fist light of the morning coming through.  Also the darkened outline of the man is like the shadow of the night right before it all disappears.  It is a frightening picture, but at the same time we know we are safe with the rising sun. 

            The vast amount of holy crosses in the grave yard symbolizes our trust and love for God in that the deceased are in good hands. Also the statue of the poodle in the front corner is darkened all the way out to emphasize it more so than other things.  This shows that whoever this dog belonged to was extremely important to them and wanted their memory to never be forgotten. This is like when we idolize something in our lives so everyone knows we have it and are proud of it.


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