Sleepy Hollow (blog 10)

In 1999 Tim Burton created the movie Sleepy Hollow. It is a twisted story about a horseman who is raised from the grave against his will to slay members of the tiny town nearby.  In the movie Crane is a police officer from a close by town sent to investigate the murders.  When he arrives he is told of the legend of the headless horseman, but goes about his investigation disregarding the old fable.


Ichabond Crane: Crane is a very curious and different kind of police detective.  He is the curiosity in us all, wanting to find out the truth using new and unorthodox techniques. He never really gets into the legend of the headless horseman because he is a police detective and in his profession there is always a reasonable explanation.   That is until he encounters the horseman himself and is forced to face the truth of it all. Even after finding out the legend is true he is still a curious man who likes mystery.  So he goes out to try and get to the bottom of the case before anyone else gets hurt.

Katrina Van Tassel: Katrina is a very petite and sweet young girl who ends up in a horrible life living with her step mother Lady Van Tassel controlling the house.  But to me she resembles the young fragile side we all started off with as children.

Lady Van Tassel: In the movie Lady Van Tassel is the stereotypical evil step mother who is over powering and controlling.  She could be considered the mean prankster we all know and despise from when we were children.  She steals the horseman’s head and forces him to wreak havoc on the town while she sits back and enjoys the show.  Then to let herself off the hook so she doesn’t get in trouble later she sends the horseman after herself as a stunt.  She is extremely cunning and if she doesn’t get her way she will get upset.  Just like a mean bully she loves to torture others but never wants any of it in return.


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