James and the Giant Peach (blog 9)


 In 1996, Tim Burton remade the movie James and the Giant Peach. A children’s book that was famous in its time was made into a movie and became a children’s best. This movie is about a orphan who lost his parents from a rhino who killed them. He wasn’t given a fun childhood from then. He always wanted to go to New York and it took a Giant Peach and help from insects to help him get him there.

James- He is an Orphan that wants nothing more than to live his life around other kids and have friends like a normal Kid. He is Sweet kind and is a problem solver. In the movie he is the image of us and each other character our characteristics of us.

 Ladybug- the Lady Bug was the intelligent one.  In the movie she had more black’s spots on their shell than any other ladybugs. She always took care of James as much as possible. To me she is the responsibility in all of us. She is the caring and loving feelings we have deep inside ourselves that we show to the people we care about.

Miss Spider- Miss Spider was the lust in us at points when she was hungry not realizing where she was at. Miss Spider was the intensity in us. To many people she was seen as a threat and very violent insect. Her personality was actually the opposite. She was generous, friendly, and decent in manner.

Grasshopper- The grasshopper was the very intelligent one. She is the characteristic of being passionate to something we enjoy. For him he loved playing Violin. At every opportunity he had he would play his instrument and relieve stress off the others with his beautiful music.

Centipede-The Centipede has an ego for many things including being the only actual pest of the group. He always talks about himself and always bragged about himself. He is the cockiness of each and every one of us. He would always do things only for himself.

Aunt Spike and Sponge- These are the greedylazy, greedy, selfish aunts in the story. They never allowed James to do anything exciting. He was always doing chores and was a maid for them. They were and cruel and repulsive people. They are the greedy in us, the evil inside each of us where we take advantage of any opportunity we get to make ourselves feels better than someone else.


Rhino – Is a bad rhino that escaped from a zoo and killed James’s parents. The Rhino is James feared the most. There out the movie he struggles to overcome his fear. The Rhino is the fear we have inside ourselves.


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