Batman (blog 8)

Batman is the epic tale of good verse evil.  The good guy, Bruce Wane, has an alter ego so he can go out freely during the day and live his life while fighting crime and evil at night. In the movie directed by Tim Burton in 1989 Batman fights against the Joker as his first nemesis whom is a psychotic murderer.  The story

Batman is the good in everyone.  People consider him the hero even if sometimes he doesn’t do things for the right reasons.  He is considered the Dark Knight because he comes out after dark and rids the town of criminals and mayhem. In the movie Batman goes about in his masked outfit to keep his identity a secret so he can live a normal life during the day.  During the day Batman’s alter ego is Bruce Wane. He is the head of a huge company at the center of Gotham City.

   Joker is a very big tease. He loves to mess with Batman and make him run around the city like a fool trying to capture him. Unlike other criminals the Joker gets a high off Batman chasing him and laughs if he ever catches him. The Joker is the most evil and psychotic of all the criminals Batman goes after.  He loves messing with people’s minds and considers murder to be fun.

Vicki Vale is the woman Batman falls in love with during the movie.  She is the innocence and weakness we all have. Whenever we are in trouble, who do we want to come to our rescue? The hero right, and in this story that is Bateman.  She wants Batman to save her from the grips of death the Joker has placed her in.  In the movie Vicki works as a reporter and starts looking into Batman when she becomes romantically attracted to him. She then also starts talking to Bruce Wane and starts to suspect a connection between Batman and Bruce.


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