Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory “blog 6”

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:  Tim Burton recreated the movie from the original. There are several different things that changed in the movie with each character and their adventures.  There is much more color and excitement than in Tim Burton’s version.  These are the five children that were allowed to visit the factory. Each child portrays a particular characteristic that everyone has, even if it is very minor or extremely large.

  • Charlie Bucket is the honesty in each person. He is the one that looks out for his family and puts everyone before himself.  He’s considered the angel in us. In the movie Charlie is the one that came from a lower class family who didn’t have much, but also didn’t care about status. He loved his family and did everything he could to try and help with their financial situation.
  • Veruca Salt is the greed in all of us.  She is the hard headed part of every person and always goes after what she wants and doesn’t give up till she succeeds. Verruca is the greedy snob in the movie who got anything and everything she wanted. She was very demanding of her father and disliked anyone who got in the way of what she wanted. In the movie she wanted a squirrel, and in the end got sorted out as a ‘bad nut’.


  • Mike Teevee is self-absorbed and does not care about anyone but himself. He never cared about anyone else and felt superior because in the movie he never had to buy more than one bar of chocolate. He used a formula to figure out which bar had the golden ticket in it.  When interviewed he was so absorbed in his video game that he didn’t give the reporters the time of day.
  • Violet Beauregarde is the competition in everyone.  She is very competitive and wants to beat everyone at everything. Violet is competitive like her mother, and felt the need to be first at everything.  She wanted to be the first to walk through the doors, to win the wonderful prize at the end, and the first to try the new dinner gum. In the end she became a giant blue berry because she never listened she just acted.
  • Augustus Gloop is very lustful. He absolutely loves food and doesn’t know when the right time to stop is, so he will eat himself away.  Augustus is in love with food, he doesn’t care what kind it is, just as long as it’s edible.  In the movie he was so excited about the chocolate river that he knelt down to drink from it, and ended up falling in and being sucked up in the tube.

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