Corpes Bride (blog 7)



in 2005 ,Tim Burton created the movie the Corpse Bride. To me it was like the movie her created Nightmare Before Christmae. The movie portrayed love, betrayle, and how a love triangle is resolved. The movie was a genious idea of creating a cartoon of a marrage and how a person solves a murder to allow someone to rest in peace.

Victor Van Dort played by Johnny Depp was the man who marries the dead bride without realizing he did it. This is like many other marriages. It was more of a mistake that he ask her hand in marriage. In the movie it shows the Corpse Bride in the dark. He thought he was marrying the other woman who he fell in love with and was suppose to marry. He tells her it was a mistake and that he didn’t want to be married to her. He ends up meeting her whole dead family and becoming close with them even though her family was dead. He ends up finding out that the girl he was suppose to marry got engaged to another person who killed the Corpse Bride.   

 Corpse Bride She was the woman who was ask her hand in marriage by Victor.  She was killed and in soul as a form of a ghost she waited for the one she was suppose to marry. That’s when Victor accidently proposes to her. What she didn’t realize was that it wasn’t true. The man didn’t actually want to marry her. He wanted to marry another girl that was still living. She ends up taking him to meet her family and shows him where she lives. This is like most common marriages happening in the United States. Many of the marriages are also mistakes and ruin the whole meaning of marriage. You marry someone you marry them because you are in love with them, you can’t live a day without them.

 People end up getting divorces because either the male of the female wants someone else. To me it’s dumb because it shows us that many people don’t take it serious. In the movie Victor didn’t take it serious because he knew that he wanted someone else but ended up marrying the one he didn’t want. I am not saying he was a bad guy because he did try to make it work because he was now considered dead. He ends up trying to make things right by finding the killer of the Corpes Bridge to make her rest in peace. He was in a love triangle and tried to make everyone happy. The way I compare this movie to the real life is people don’t know how to make up their mind of who they want and end up letting go the ones they want


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