Edward Scissorhands “blog 4”

 On December 14, 1990, Tim Burton, released the movie Edward Scissor Hands. This movie portrays an outsider “Edward Scissor Hands” who cannot touch what he desires without destroying it into pieces. He falls in love with Kim “the daughter of Peg” and causes conflicted with her boyfriend “Jim” and the towns people when he goes insane destroying all the fabulous art creations he made. What happens is the town’s people use him as a gardener, ice sculptor, and a hairstylist because of his willing of wanting to be accepted in their town.  He begins to fall in love with Kim and tries to make her fall for him. The famous scene of Edward Ice sculpting the image of Kim is where the conflicted happens. Edwards accidently cuts Kim and Jim see’s and with force caused Edward to leave in Rage and cause him to destroy everything he created for people. Edward did this because why should the townspeople get the desire of beauty when he cannot get what he desires. He goes back to his inventor’s mansion to hide in shame.  Kim ends up chasing him because she loves him and the townspeople chase him because they want him to pay for the damages. Jim ends up following him and battles Edward and Edward ends up stabbing him killing him. Kim loves Edward so bad she covers up for it and walks out with one of Edwards fake hands and shows the townspeople she killed him.

Each Character has its own symbol in life. We have Edward Scissor hands, Kim, and the Townspeople. Edward’s Scissor hands Shown below symbolize ourselves and our desire to want something that we can’t have. Think about a time were you couldn’t have something that you wanted it so bad you would do anything for but it’s impossible to have. As a child I wanted to fly like superman.  Yes, a dumb but imagine the possibilities that are capable of doing if I was about to fly. Edward himself is us trying to be accepted be people and want to become more than what people think we are. His pain of not being able to love someone threw physical things like holding hands can compare too many of us who can’t talk to the ones we dream of. Kim “shown below” herself is the one we desire to have. To me she is my super power that I can’t touch. She symbolizes everyone’s wants and needs. The Towns people are the things that stop us. They are the ones who stab you in the back and doubt you of your dreams and goals.  


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