Alice in Wonderland (blog 3)

 In 2010, Tim Burton, remade the art of the cartoon Alice in Wonderland created byCharles Lutwidge Dodgson and recreate it into our century. The mind ofCharles Lutwidge Dodgson was insane thought and figures he saw while he was on LDS. The Art form from this was amazing and creative. The setting in the movie was a little kid’s fantasies for seesaw horses flying and flowers, animals, and monsters being able to talk. The Main character is Alice, The Hatter, The Red Queen and the White Queen.

The Main character Alice is more of the British race.  Shown in the upper left hand region is her in a  dress she wears. She is mostly seen in a light blue dress. She is the main character of the story. She is compared to being as the body of us and the queens are our good side and bad side.In looking at the Hatter seen in the upper right hand side, you see a multiple color and a pale face. He has orange hair and wears a quilt. I feel that the hatter is Scottish because of his appearance. If you look closely at his face you see the different colors around his eyes and his greens eyes. He is named the Hatter because he is the white queen’s joke and the red queens Hat maker to hide her humongous head of hers.  He is the helper of the good. Your wing man, someone you can always count on.

The red Queen seen in the lower left hand side, is the villain in the movie. Looking at her she is very abnormal. Her head is obese for an average humans head. She has red Hair to symbolize fire and rage. Her dress is very Old England style. you can compare her to the dark side of your mind. She is the one who doubts you and says you are not going to succeed.The White Queen, seen in the lower right hand region, Is the Holy one in the movie. Her dress is of our century dress. More like a prom dress and very bright. The white symbolizes safety and happy thoughts.  She is your good side. She believes in nonviolence and in helping people. She thinks everything is possible but it comes with a price of having to work for it.

                The story is about not letting someone take your childhood dreams away from you. Many people change their person appearance and their way of thinking so that they could fit in with people in society. It more about fighting yourself and not allowing anyone control you. I see it as Alice being force to marry so that she can have a successful life without doing anything. They wanted her to stop thinking mad and come to her senses and think about her future. Well throughout the movie she did. She follows her father’s footsteps and didn’t let anyone say something’s impossible. Nothing is impossible all you have to do is believe in it and work for it in order to succeed.


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