Mars Attack Blog #2

In 1996, Tim Burton created a movie called Mars Attack. Tim Burton grew up loving 50’s and 60’s science fiction movies and from that he created Mars Attack. Mars Attack is about earth being invaded by Martians from Mars. Tim Burton’s creative, spooky sense of humor made loves the Martian everyone l today. His genius mind created his personal view of an alien. They invade by foot and ship in Washington D.C Kansas, and Las Vegas all the people are running from there blasting rays in fear. I see it as the people working together to help each other out by bringing something to the table.

To me the alien is a human being without skin or hair on the head. They wear Suits like we do if we went to another planet and are armed with a ray gun that can terminate anything in sight. The color shows a green suited up Martian in Washington D.C at the needle point. His gun looks like a resemblance of a water gun. His facial appearance shows his eyes popping out with his brains exposed to the human eyes In the movie its humor is experimenting on the humans in the movie. It shows a woman getting her head cut off and a dogs head was attached to her torso and she was placed on a dog’s body and became their pet. To the Martians it was hilarious and throughout the movie the Martians language sounds like gibberish and weird. There language reminds me of a native village language that relies on the land.  Tim Created in what he thinks an alien would be portrayed.

   Shown above is the Body of a woman with the head of a dog. It’s funny at the sight of this image but that’s how they torture. You see the Martians all around the body attaching the head of the dog and you see the dog barking. You look closely the Martians are very thin and bony arms and legs. In my eyes if these were humans being I would think they had some kind of disease that causes your bones not to grow. If you see the Martians have some knowledge of how we operate. Our doctors and nurses wear clothing and face protection when we operate on another human being. I see the Martians as a higher evolution of a human being. Yeah they don’t have much skin and there brain is exposed but, there technology is way more advance then ours.

Throughout the movie you see how human being work together to help defeat the Martians. In every city shown like Washington D.C, Kansas, and Las Vegas Martians invaded destroying everything in their path. People who have some kind of argument or have no knowledge of the other person help work together to save each others life. In the end a sound destroys the Martians and the people of the world wins. They help search for friends and family and help people who are trapped under houses or trees.


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