Horror and Art in Nightmare Before Christmas

In the year 1993 Tim Burton released a movie called “Nightmare before Christmas”.  His bizarre dark, horror idea created a world of characters that everyone considers astounding. Combining Christmas and Halloween was a genius idea. The movie was an excellent and Imaginative towards the audience. The setting of Halloween Land brought gore and evil that I think is Tim Burtons Fantasy place. Many of his characters like Jack Skellington, Sally, and Oogie Boogie are very dark and disturbing towards young children, yet this film is a kid movie. His idea of brining romance and adventure together in the view of a psycho’s mind was perfect.

In looking at his characters you see a complete difference from what other holiday specials characters are seen as. Many of Holiday characters they have a jolly, exciting vibe towards the appearance. There outfits are mainly wearing the holidays outfits such as elf’s for Christmas and Pilgrims for Thanksgiving.  Shown in the on top is what many people see as adoring lovable characters such as the famous “Mickey Mouse” and “Goofy” in a Christmas theme. You see the bright colors and very joyful feeling you get out of it. What makes Tim Burton’s characters of Christmas different is the way he uses a gothic dark vibe. He doesn’t use much color in his characters. He mainly uses Black and White to portray a dark theme.


Shown in the on top is the famous character Jack Skulleton. You see his appearance is more of an emo gothic look with his flashy black white stripes. This character is the Mickey Mouse of this film. He is very loving and caring character in the eyes of many.

 On top you see the evil Oogie Boogie.  In real life Tim Burton felt that Oogie Boogie portrayed a young kids thought of the Boogie Monster. Right away you can see the evil facial expression given and the colors of using very dark gothic look made it different from other Holiday characters.

            The Settings of the movie is also very gory. As shown in the picture below you will see  a piece of Halloween land. You see in the middle of the picture is a creature with  a cart  that is playing music. You see  a witch and  vampires in the image. Throughout the moive they are many more horrifying characters. The sky in the background is very dark and spooky.  You see the building made out of old bricks and in images of faces and crooked house. The whole image has a creepy vibe yet people love it.  

            I think if we were to relate to this movie in present time is the fact that many of us do a routine thing every day and wanting something new. People today like to try new things whether its skydiving, scuba diving, or trying new dishes they have never seen before.  The movie also portrays a romantic side to it. You have Jack Skellington “the main Character” doing everything he can to save Sally from the evil Oogie Boogie. It shows how people would do anything to safe the ones they truly care about. I see Jack Skellington as the Heroes of our nation such as police officers, Fire Fighters, and Our Troops. They do whatever it takes to save the lives of citizens.


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