Tim Burton Unknown Painting (blog 12)


Painting: Unknown

            In this painting there is the depiction of land and sea uniting after being separated.  On top of each monsters head is a city that was once separated and now are reunited.  The land monster has a more masculine feel and the water monster is more feminine. 

            For this reason you can see a more grounded and stationary male. When you look at females they are more free, and willing to be flexible.  The female is shaped like a drop of water where as the land monster is like a little caterpillar.  Also the land monster is very hairy and fluffy, like a little teddy bear you could cuddle with.  And the water monster has slippery scales like a snake or fish, allowing her to get out of sticky situations.

            In the painting around the two monsters is a ring of clouds that does not hide the setting sun. They allow their to be a beam of light surrounding their love before they have to say goodbye and part.

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Tim Burton unknown painting (blog 11)

Painting: Unknown

In the painting you can see a dog grave for all the loving owners to bury their pets in properly. There’s a man at the top of a hill holding a shovel in the middle of the painting. There are many different symbols of love for these pets, like the dog bowls, fire hydrants, and bones left behind for them as symbols.  Burton uses very quick strokes of the pencil to show how life is short. 

            The shading in the painting shows how life is always changing no matter what happens.  There is always the possibility of change and a sunrise on the horizon. In the background behind the top hill you can see the fist light of the morning coming through.  Also the darkened outline of the man is like the shadow of the night right before it all disappears.  It is a frightening picture, but at the same time we know we are safe with the rising sun. 

            The vast amount of holy crosses in the grave yard symbolizes our trust and love for God in that the deceased are in good hands. Also the statue of the poodle in the front corner is darkened all the way out to emphasize it more so than other things.  This shows that whoever this dog belonged to was extremely important to them and wanted their memory to never be forgotten. This is like when we idolize something in our lives so everyone knows we have it and are proud of it.

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Sleepy Hollow (blog 10)

In 1999 Tim Burton created the movie Sleepy Hollow. It is a twisted story about a horseman who is raised from the grave against his will to slay members of the tiny town nearby.  In the movie Crane is a police officer from a close by town sent to investigate the murders.  When he arrives he is told of the legend of the headless horseman, but goes about his investigation disregarding the old fable.


Ichabond Crane: Crane is a very curious and different kind of police detective.  He is the curiosity in us all, wanting to find out the truth using new and unorthodox techniques. He never really gets into the legend of the headless horseman because he is a police detective and in his profession there is always a reasonable explanation.   That is until he encounters the horseman himself and is forced to face the truth of it all. Even after finding out the legend is true he is still a curious man who likes mystery.  So he goes out to try and get to the bottom of the case before anyone else gets hurt.

Katrina Van Tassel: Katrina is a very petite and sweet young girl who ends up in a horrible life living with her step mother Lady Van Tassel controlling the house.  But to me she resembles the young fragile side we all started off with as children.

Lady Van Tassel: In the movie Lady Van Tassel is the stereotypical evil step mother who is over powering and controlling.  She could be considered the mean prankster we all know and despise from when we were children.  She steals the horseman’s head and forces him to wreak havoc on the town while she sits back and enjoys the show.  Then to let herself off the hook so she doesn’t get in trouble later she sends the horseman after herself as a stunt.  She is extremely cunning and if she doesn’t get her way she will get upset.  Just like a mean bully she loves to torture others but never wants any of it in return.

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James and the Giant Peach (blog 9)


 In 1996, Tim Burton remade the movie James and the Giant Peach. A children’s book that was famous in its time was made into a movie and became a children’s best. This movie is about a orphan who lost his parents from a rhino who killed them. He wasn’t given a fun childhood from then. He always wanted to go to New York and it took a Giant Peach and help from insects to help him get him there.

James- He is an Orphan that wants nothing more than to live his life around other kids and have friends like a normal Kid. He is Sweet kind and is a problem solver. In the movie he is the image of us and each other character our characteristics of us.

 Ladybug- the Lady Bug was the intelligent one.  In the movie she had more black’s spots on their shell than any other ladybugs. She always took care of James as much as possible. To me she is the responsibility in all of us. She is the caring and loving feelings we have deep inside ourselves that we show to the people we care about.

Miss Spider- Miss Spider was the lust in us at points when she was hungry not realizing where she was at. Miss Spider was the intensity in us. To many people she was seen as a threat and very violent insect. Her personality was actually the opposite. She was generous, friendly, and decent in manner.

Grasshopper- The grasshopper was the very intelligent one. She is the characteristic of being passionate to something we enjoy. For him he loved playing Violin. At every opportunity he had he would play his instrument and relieve stress off the others with his beautiful music.

Centipede-The Centipede has an ego for many things including being the only actual pest of the group. He always talks about himself and always bragged about himself. He is the cockiness of each and every one of us. He would always do things only for himself.

Aunt Spike and Sponge- These are the greedylazy, greedy, selfish aunts in the story. They never allowed James to do anything exciting. He was always doing chores and was a maid for them. They were and cruel and repulsive people. They are the greedy in us, the evil inside each of us where we take advantage of any opportunity we get to make ourselves feels better than someone else.


Rhino – Is a bad rhino that escaped from a zoo and killed James’s parents. The Rhino is James feared the most. There out the movie he struggles to overcome his fear. The Rhino is the fear we have inside ourselves.

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Batman (blog 8)

Batman is the epic tale of good verse evil.  The good guy, Bruce Wane, has an alter ego so he can go out freely during the day and live his life while fighting crime and evil at night. In the movie directed by Tim Burton in 1989 Batman fights against the Joker as his first nemesis whom is a psychotic murderer.  The story

Batman is the good in everyone.  People consider him the hero even if sometimes he doesn’t do things for the right reasons.  He is considered the Dark Knight because he comes out after dark and rids the town of criminals and mayhem. In the movie Batman goes about in his masked outfit to keep his identity a secret so he can live a normal life during the day.  During the day Batman’s alter ego is Bruce Wane. He is the head of a huge company at the center of Gotham City.

   Joker is a very big tease. He loves to mess with Batman and make him run around the city like a fool trying to capture him. Unlike other criminals the Joker gets a high off Batman chasing him and laughs if he ever catches him. The Joker is the most evil and psychotic of all the criminals Batman goes after.  He loves messing with people’s minds and considers murder to be fun.

Vicki Vale is the woman Batman falls in love with during the movie.  She is the innocence and weakness we all have. Whenever we are in trouble, who do we want to come to our rescue? The hero right, and in this story that is Bateman.  She wants Batman to save her from the grips of death the Joker has placed her in.  In the movie Vicki works as a reporter and starts looking into Batman when she becomes romantically attracted to him. She then also starts talking to Bruce Wane and starts to suspect a connection between Batman and Bruce.

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Corpes Bride (blog 7)



in 2005 ,Tim Burton created the movie the Corpse Bride. To me it was like the movie her created Nightmare Before Christmae. The movie portrayed love, betrayle, and how a love triangle is resolved. The movie was a genious idea of creating a cartoon of a marrage and how a person solves a murder to allow someone to rest in peace.

Victor Van Dort played by Johnny Depp was the man who marries the dead bride without realizing he did it. This is like many other marriages. It was more of a mistake that he ask her hand in marriage. In the movie it shows the Corpse Bride in the dark. He thought he was marrying the other woman who he fell in love with and was suppose to marry. He tells her it was a mistake and that he didn’t want to be married to her. He ends up meeting her whole dead family and becoming close with them even though her family was dead. He ends up finding out that the girl he was suppose to marry got engaged to another person who killed the Corpse Bride.   

 Corpse Bride She was the woman who was ask her hand in marriage by Victor.  She was killed and in soul as a form of a ghost she waited for the one she was suppose to marry. That’s when Victor accidently proposes to her. What she didn’t realize was that it wasn’t true. The man didn’t actually want to marry her. He wanted to marry another girl that was still living. She ends up taking him to meet her family and shows him where she lives. This is like most common marriages happening in the United States. Many of the marriages are also mistakes and ruin the whole meaning of marriage. You marry someone you marry them because you are in love with them, you can’t live a day without them.

 People end up getting divorces because either the male of the female wants someone else. To me it’s dumb because it shows us that many people don’t take it serious. In the movie Victor didn’t take it serious because he knew that he wanted someone else but ended up marrying the one he didn’t want. I am not saying he was a bad guy because he did try to make it work because he was now considered dead. He ends up trying to make things right by finding the killer of the Corpes Bridge to make her rest in peace. He was in a love triangle and tried to make everyone happy. The way I compare this movie to the real life is people don’t know how to make up their mind of who they want and end up letting go the ones they want

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Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory “blog 6”

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:  Tim Burton recreated the movie from the original. There are several different things that changed in the movie with each character and their adventures.  There is much more color and excitement than in Tim Burton’s version.  These are the five children that were allowed to visit the factory. Each child portrays a particular characteristic that everyone has, even if it is very minor or extremely large.

  • Charlie Bucket is the honesty in each person. He is the one that looks out for his family and puts everyone before himself.  He’s considered the angel in us. In the movie Charlie is the one that came from a lower class family who didn’t have much, but also didn’t care about status. He loved his family and did everything he could to try and help with their financial situation.
  • Veruca Salt is the greed in all of us.  She is the hard headed part of every person and always goes after what she wants and doesn’t give up till she succeeds. Verruca is the greedy snob in the movie who got anything and everything she wanted. She was very demanding of her father and disliked anyone who got in the way of what she wanted. In the movie she wanted a squirrel, and in the end got sorted out as a ‘bad nut’.


  • Mike Teevee is self-absorbed and does not care about anyone but himself. He never cared about anyone else and felt superior because in the movie he never had to buy more than one bar of chocolate. He used a formula to figure out which bar had the golden ticket in it.  When interviewed he was so absorbed in his video game that he didn’t give the reporters the time of day.
  • Violet Beauregarde is the competition in everyone.  She is very competitive and wants to beat everyone at everything. Violet is competitive like her mother, and felt the need to be first at everything.  She wanted to be the first to walk through the doors, to win the wonderful prize at the end, and the first to try the new dinner gum. In the end she became a giant blue berry because she never listened she just acted.
  • Augustus Gloop is very lustful. He absolutely loves food and doesn’t know when the right time to stop is, so he will eat himself away.  Augustus is in love with food, he doesn’t care what kind it is, just as long as it’s edible.  In the movie he was so excited about the chocolate river that he knelt down to drink from it, and ended up falling in and being sucked up in the tube.
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